Kodak Announces Smile Range of Instant Print Cameras at CES 2019

Ace camera manufacturer Kodak has launched its Smile range of instant print cameras and devices at CES 2019. The company has manufactured these new instant-print cameras and mobile photo printers in association with Kodak’s brand licensee C+A Global.

CES 2019: Kodak Smile Range of Instant Print Cameras

Kodak Smile Range Instant Print Cameras

The products that company showcased during the event include the Kodak Smile Classic Instant Print Digital Camera, the Kodak Smile Instant Print Digital Camera, and the Kodak Smile Instant Digital Printer. Moreover, other Kodak products that might be unveiled during CES 2019 include Luma range of projectors and digital film scanners at CES this year.

Kodak Smile Classic Camera Features

On specs front, the Kodak Smile Classic Camera features a built-in digital photo printer with a 10-second timer and a pop-up viewfinder. Other key features that the camera is equipped with are an automatic single strobe flash, and a microSD card slot.

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The Kodak Smile Classic Camera can print on 3.51 x 4.25-inch sized Kodak Zink sticky-backed photo paper instantly. Using the device, users can print from their phones via Bluetooth with the help of free Kodak Instant Print Companion app.

The device has a 10-megapixel sensor with photo printing capabilities. Other features of the camera include an LCD viewfinder display, 10-second timer, automatic flash and a microSD card slot.

Kodak is also showcasing the Kodak Smile Instant Printer at the event. Look wise, it’s a trendy yet retro-styled portable printer that can instantly print photographs using Kodak’s Instant Print Companion App from any iOS and Android devices.

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