Do You Know Why Google Maps Showing JNU When Searched Anti National ?

(Last Updated On: April 2, 2020)


Today, Google Maps stoked a controversy when it started showing ‘JNU’ when searched ‘anti national’ on Google Maps. The bizarre didn’t stop here. The application continued showing JNU when searched for key phrases such as Rohit Vemulla, Kanhaiya and sedition.

The squabble invited people’s ire over social media and most of them questioned the Google algorithm for the error. The matter of the fact is that we can’t simply blame the Google for this gaffe; rather we need to understand how search engine works.


To bring the most accurate results with Google Maps, Google leverages many resources. The search engine crawls through the most important and relevant news within the country that somehow relates to the phrase searched. That means, when a user searches for the word ‘anti national’, Google’s search spider crawls the web finding the most relevant results.

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Just recall the events in the past months when JNU controversy erupted. It was one of the most covered stories reported with tags like sedition and anti national. Thus, when a user triggers a search using these key terms, the search engine crawler crawls the most related news stories and locates JNU being the most relevant result.

As of now, we have been considering this an algorithmic error, but Google isn’t denying a bug attack as well. An official from Google even said that they’re aware of the issue and are working on a solution.

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