Khamoshiyan Movie Review : A Horror Movie That Missed The Horror


Khamoshiyan Movie ReviewWhen I have finished the movie, two quick thoughts struck into my mind. Either we have become so fearless that scary movies don’t haunt us any more or Bollywood has simply missed the recipe of a creepy and killer horror movie that might send shivers to our spine.

Khamoshiyan has nothing different to depict. It’s like any other movie of its genre we are familiar with. On a very serious note, I will suggest Vikram Bhatt to take a break from his horror frenzy and work on some better scripts for his next scary venture, if any.

Khamoshiyan Movie Online Review

Let’s sneak into the story of the movie. Well, the makers of the movie weaved the story around an unrealistic plot. A plot that’s so unrealistic that even true situations fail to push viewers to believe it.

And being an erotic horror, Khamoshiyan has series of raunchy and erotic lovemaking scenes that will dwell you into a tizzy, why? Sapana Pabbi strips off for Ali Fazal on their first meet for letting him make love. Really fast huh!!

Well, I think, Ram Kapoor’s love sequence with Sakshi Tanwar in ‘Bade Acche Lagte Hain’ were racier than hot smooches and fiery flesh shown in this movie.

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Pabbi did exactly what the Bhatt camp expected from her to do: looking alluring, going at it hot and heavy, and screaming in fright, lipstick immaculate at all times.

Khamoshiyan Movie Story

Here is the story- Kabir (Ali Fazal) is a terribly failed writer whose first book becomes a big flop. To work on his new story he comes to Kashmir. Here he chooses to stay in a hotel which has no guest other than him. And interestingly, Mira (Sapna Pabbi), the owner of the hotel allows her a free ride in the hotel as well. Kabir, apparently falls in love with the charming lady and soon finds that Mira had a very dark and secret past. Now, he is ready to unfold the mystery.


I have told you in beginning, the movie is very much freaking around unrealistic situations. I have never heard of a girl who meets a guy in a lonely cottage, shares drink, strips off and enchants him to make love passionately. And it all happens in their first face-to-face meet. Lucky Bro. The movie sometimes shows up a ‘Buri Atma’ appearing with heavy makeup at frequent intervals to check – who is still sleeping.

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Want to spend money on headache pills? If yes- Khamoshiyan is for you; If No- Go and hang out with friends in your nearest mall.

Khamoshiyan Movie Review

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