Jobseekers Guide To Getting Noticed By Your Target Company

During the application process, it’s almost a certain fact that jobseekers – whether they are first-timers or ones looking for a better employment than their current or previous one – already have a target company or a few that they are aiming to work for. They may be motivated to target that company for the position, the benefits, the prestige, other factors, or even a combination of these. Whatever their reasons are, however, they are fighting tooth and nail to get the coveted “Welcome to the company!”.

This is actually a good thing since it helps narrow down our job-hunting efforts, which in turn allows us to better prepare ourselves for the application process – from the initial interview, the evaluations, and other base requirements for all applicants.

However, job seeking is currently threatened by the fact that the job market is over saturated. With this fact, it can be a little daunting for jobseekers everywhere as there is very little assurance that applications to their desired companies will be shortlisted, let alone be noticed by the hiring manager.

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No matter how impressive your resume is or how flawlessly you pass the initial interviews and assessments, it won’t matter at all if you’re facing competition who also exhibit the same characteristics as you do. The competition in the job market today is so stiff that even a good scholastic record and/or work experience does not suffice anymore. It takes something else more to get noticed by the company you desire to work for.

So, how do you get noticed by the HR managers of your target companies?

Here are the key takeaways from the infographic by Phil.Exeq on getting noticed by your target company:

  1. Plan. Plan
  2. Penetrate Them Using Your Networking Skills
  3. List Down All the Key and Relevant Persons in the Company
  4. Get Internal Recommendations
  5. Demonstrate Your Value
  6. Ask the Right Questions
  7. Give them a Memento
  8. Apply Through Recruitment Firms
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To learn more about these tips, check out the infographic below:

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