Instagram To Update Call-To-Action Button And Video Links Soon

Instagram, the Facebook owned social network is planning some important updates over the next month. The changes will be some sort of advertising tweaks. Among four changes that the network will suppose to make, three related to its call-to-action button and the fourth having to do with video link ads.

Instagram writes in its official blog post that they found that its call-to-action button was not capturing the attention of user. They further said that since June, when Instagram added a larger, enhanced call-to-action button, it just performed 45 percent of its total caliber.

Here is what the blog post reads:

With this increase in performance, we’re rolling out even more action-driving enhancements to link ads. Each of the four new solutions is focused on driving better visibility and interaction for our community while driving better performance for our advertisers.

To guide people to take an action, the call-to-action button will be highlighted when people show interest on or around an ad—like resting on the ad for four seconds or tapping on the profile name.


When Instagrammers tap into an advertiser’s profile from an ad, a call-to-action button currently appears at the bottom of the profile. In addition to adding the button to the advertiser’s profile, which was implemented in June, the button will now extend to the comments section. Now when Instagrammers open up an ad’s comments, they can engage with a business quicker without additional tapping or scrolling.



When we detect additional information from an ad like price, destination URL or app store rating, we’ll automatically add it to the call-to-action button.


For video link ads, when people unmute a video, they’ll be taken to the destination URL while the video continues to play at the top of the screen. Now people can explore, browse and take action on a landing page while continuing to watch the video. People can also go to full-screen or dismiss the video player if they prefer to browse the web page.


 These new solutions are rolling out over the next month, and we’ll be testing and optimizing the way they work for both our community and our advertisers. With link ads being optimized for better performance, now is the time for advertisers to take advantage of these enhancements.

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