Instagram Feature Update: Now Invite Friends to Join Live Videos

Instagram has been vocal in adding features and utilities to enhance user experience and make messaging fun. And now, If reports are true, a new feature is all set to hit the Instagram that will allow users to invite friends to join a live video streaming.

On Tuesday, Instagram announced that they are testing this feature for users to invite friends to join their Instagram Live broadcasts.

The feature will be available to the Instagram freaks over the next few months. The feature is currently being tested with a select group of users.

Here is how to invite friend to join the Livestream:

1. While broadcasting a livestream, users can tap the new icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

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Instagram Feature Update

2. Tapping the icon will pop up a list of users watching the livestream. Tap ‘add’ to invite the users from the list to join the livestream.

Instagram Feature Update

3. When a user accepts your invitation, the screen will split into two, with the original user on top and the invited user on the bottom.

Instagram Feature Update

The people joins the livestream can leave by their own or they can be removed by the user who invited them into the livestream. Users can like and comment on the video as they always do any other Instagram Live video.

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