Instagram Gets New Updates: Improved Autoplay and A Color Icon

In order to make the platform more innovative and user friendly, Instagram has brought a couple of new updates to its mobile app.

Instagram Update: Improved Autoplay and New Color Icon

The highlight of the update is certainly a tweak to its autoplay function. Until now, Instagram’s autoplay feature had been a cause of embarrassment especially when user was in a quiet place. Now, as Techcrunch reports, videos will not autoplay the audio while scrolling when the user signs into the app. By default, the sound button will be in mute status.

instagram auto play

The catch with the feature is that when a user unmutes a video to listen to its audio, all the videos in his Instagram feed are toggled into ‘unmute’. Means, now on users will listen to the audio of all the videos while scrolling. Again, as user mutes a video, all the videos in the feed get back into in the mute status.
The function remains active to a particular Instagram session and it reverts back to default as soon as you leave the app.

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Another noteworthy update that app gets is allowing users do more with disappearing photos, though, limited to the private messages and photographs.

While sending direct messages, now users can write the mood on the text bar available before clicking the camera button. Once user is done with the mood text and clicks the camera button, the user can see the text rather a default background, depending upon the camera mode.

Another new feature introduced is a color icon given at bottom left-hand corner. When user long presses on it, a vertical line appears where he or she can change the shade of the colour before sending the message.

All the above additions and updates are limited to Android users and are yet to come on iOs. Recently, Instagram introduced threaded comments to its app that allows users to respond to individual comments and keep a track of how the conversations go on.

[Improved Instagram Autoplay and New Color Icon]

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