Instagram Tests Way to Allow Users Follow Certain Hashtags

Facebook owned Instagram is testing a new feature allowing users to follow Instagram Hashtags in order to get access of more relevant and useful content. That means, users would now be able to follow Hashtags in addition to the user profiles.

Instagram Testing Follow Hashtag Feature

Instagram Follow Hashtag Feature


The move seems small, yet it could have big and varied implications for the Instagram marketers and the way they conduct marketing via the platform. There are reasons why the move seems significant. The feature will come handy if you’re interested in a specific topic, and want to have related posts to the topic added to your home feed. This way you could track the topic and feeds better.

The feature resembles to one of the Twitter’s feature available for for selected Moments. Some Twitter Moments include a ‘Follow’ button that allows users to follow any updates to that Moment as they come in, with tweets related to that moment inserted into your timeline.

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For Instagram marketers, the feature could provide another way to boost their messaging capabilities. Once rolled out, brand would be able to not only tell users to follow their brand, but also, could suggest them to follow their brand hashtags to help build community and encourage engagement.

If brands are able to create popular hashtags that trigger users’ touch points, it could encourage more of them to take part in the conversation. It eventually will help boost their campaign messaging.

Instagram Testing Follow Hashtag Feature