Apple’s Senior VP Reveals That the Initial Release Date for iPhone X was 2018

# Last Updated On: April 2, 2020 #

Apple has finally revealed that the all-screen iPhone X which is set to be launched on Friday was not meant for the world this year. According to the Tech Company’s executive director, the company had set the official release year to 2018. While speaking in the latest interview, Dan Rico, who is Apple’s senior Vice President of Hardware Engineering, the launch of the redesigned smartphone was initially anticipated for early 2018.

The accelerated release date of the re-engineered model reaffirms the idea of Apple announcing three iPhones at the same time while strangely sidelining the attention that iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus would have received.  However, the big question remains, “Why did the company shift the official release date from 2018 to 2017?”

Why Shift the Launch From 2018 to 2017?

Although Mr. Rico failed to provide a straightforward answer to this question during the interview, the reasons are quite open. First, there was the serious gamble of launching such a sleek gadget with untested technology earlier than it was anticipated and waiting for the appropriate time and losing out on the market share.

Stiff Competition

Apple decided to go for the gamble and set the official release date of iPhone X to Friday, November 3, 2017. This year saw the mobile phone market flooded with alluring all-screen Android phones including but not limited to Samsung Galaxy S8, Note 8, and LG V30. What this meant to Apple was that further delay in the release of iPhone X which is in the same category indicated that the company would lose out some of the potential buyers.

However, the 11th-hour change of mind meant that Apple was not going to make any hardware or software changes to the gadget before its official release. Queried on any last minute design changes, Mr. Rico responded by stating that they did not have sufficient time for such changes.

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No Testing and Further Design Changes

He acknowledged the fact that the company had to lock any further changes to the design since the program was on a fast track and everything was being done to ensure that the handset hit the market before the end of the year. He further revealed that the production team did not spend any further time examining the fingerprints on the back of the mobile phone or the side and glass.

Leading stock experts such as CMC Markets believe that iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus were not better placed to provide real competition to the latest Android devices from global brands such as Samsung. As a result, the company feared that most of its potential customers and even the loyal iPhone clients could end up purchasing rival brands to satisfy their wants.

The move by Apple to launch its latest gadget before the end of the year has been received both positively and negatively. Although the lover of the iPhone handset models are happy that they will have something new and exciting for the festive season, some experts warn of the dangers of a hurried launch.

What to Expect ?

They argue that the cell phone may not have been adequately tested and may experience seasonal problems. They have noted that the camera of the handset may not be as robust compared to that of iPhone 8 plus, and its fingerprint scanner may experience failures at certain times. Their argument has been drawn from the interview excerpt of Mr. Rico. However, they are keen to mention that such scenarios may be rare given the talent pool at Apple.

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What remains now is for the people to wait for the official release of the Smartphone on November 3rd and judge it from their own experience. It is expected that the clients who placed their orders early enough will have a feel of it the next day. Official shipping to other countries is expected to begin as soon as mid-November 2017. While we may all have our eyes glued on the release date, the question of whether it will appeal to the crowd remains unanswered. All we have to do is to wait and see.

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