Indians Got Addicted To Smart Phones – says Deloitte

Instant messaging apps like WhatsApp and other social networks, have gathered the attention of many people. It has become the habit of many people to check their smart phones every morning as soon as they wake up, and the last thing which they see before going to sleep.

These smart phones and the social media, has changed the lives of many people. A professional services firm Deloitte, conducted a survey, to check the usage of mobile apps. The results of the Deloitte’s mobile consumer survey 2015 are as follows.

smartphone addiction

Nearly, 78% of people who own their smart phone, check the mobile within 15 minutes after waking up, 52% of people said that, they will check their smart phone before five minutes of going to sleep.

The research founded that, people first check the WhatsApp and the other social media related apps and then they check their mails and SMS. This shows how social media have attracted the users across the globe.

The survey checked the mobile usage habits of around 49000 people from 30 countries, in which, 2000 people Indians. In the survey, it was found that,86% of people own the smart phones in 2015, which is 12% higher than 2013. In the survey about 28% of people said that they will check their mobile phone for 11-25 times a day, about 22% of people said that they will use their device for 26-50 times a day and 17% of people said that they will use their device for 51-100 times a day.

Rise of e-Commerce

From this survey, it is clear that, the smart phone usage has interrupted in almost all the activities of the mankind. So the telecom sectors have to improve their services, in order to meet the customer requirements, said the director of Deloitte touché Tohmatsu India LLP.

The voice calls and the SMS rates have decreased up to 20% when compared to the last two years.

IM has increased 10% and VoIP has increased 22% when compared to the past two years. So it is the right time for the mobile carriers and the network operators to make use of this opportunity, since there is great thirst for data among the customers.

Nearly, two third of people who participated in the survey are not satisfied with the quality of the voice calls.

This results in adopting the VoIP methods. People prefer the VoIP calls because of the free international calls, and the possibility to make the video calls. The quality of network will be more important than the quality of voice calls, in the coming years.

The usages of wifi in the home, work place and in any public places have increased for the past two tears. 43% of people used wifi in 2013, whereas in 2015, about 45% people use wifi. And 57% of people started using the internet on their smart phones.

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Survey says that, most of the people who were surveyed, did not start using 4G networks, as per the reports, they will start using the 4G within a year.

Mobile banking trend

The research found that, many people who were surveyed are interested in in-store payments and also in the mobile money transfers. In the survey, 71% of people said that, they use the in-store money payments, and they are interested in it.

54% of people said that, they are interested in mobile money transfer and they are going to practice it in the coming days.

About 39% of people feel that the in-store money transfer has some security issues. And above 19% of people feel that there is no benefit from this scheme. Another 19% people feel that many stores do not permit this kind of money transfers.

Many people are fond of online shopping; they use the mobile just to do shopping in online. Whereas there is the other kind of people who are not interested in online shopping. 43% people give preference to their smart phones, from other devices.

Limitations of over use of smart phones:

Smart phone usage may have several advantages, but when it comes to health, it will have its own disadvantages. Smart phone over usage will cause some preoccupation behaviors such as, addition to smart phones, spending of more money for the usage of some application and in shopping, using mobile phones in dangerous situations such as, while driving and in any meeting environment etc.

they may also have anxiety if they are separated from mobile phones due to poor signal conditions.


Smart phone over usage can be differentiated by various age groups. Among the British children who were between the age 11-14, are addicted by 10%, whereas in India, the children of the same age group were addicted from 39-44%, these things are to be given importance by the parents and also by the society.

This addition may affect their studies. In Korea the addiction rate is 5-11%. This addition is treated as the some kind of health issue. Men are less stressed when compared to women; they use their smart phones for the social purposes. The older people are less addicted to smart phones.


Social and psychological effects of smart phone over usage are as follows.


Excessive use of mobile phones causes some health problems. People may tend to use the mobile phones in many circumstances and situations, germs are present in every small thing, these germs can easily infect you, when using your mobile phone.

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A research in 2011, found that, one in six cell phones was infected by the fecal matter, which is the one of the sources for the bacteria named E.coli. These E.coil bacteria may cause fever and vomiting in humans. An Egypt research organization, says that, the chance of spreading the bacteria is higher in cell phones.

One of the reasons for the occurrence of brain cancer is the excessive use of cell phones. There are many attributes which results in cancer, in which, we have to take into account that, how long we use the mobile phones. There is no particular evidence for linking the mobile phone usage and the cancer.

But, the international research organization said that, the radio frequency is the cause of the brain cancer, in which the high frequency matters, using the mobile phone in limit will not cause any damage to the human body.

The high frequency level has been confirmed as the cause of the tumors, these tumor results in cancer.

Using the smart phones before going to bed, will cause the inability called insomnia, which is the disorder that causes inability to sleep. World Health Organization suggested banning the use of electronic devices for the toddlers.

In the psychological part, some of the children are using the smart phones to harm other children. A research is going on regarding the positive and negative impacts of mobile phones.

It is in the hands of each and every person to take care of themselves and protect them from any harm. As we know that, every little thing will have their own strengths and weakness, it is our responsibility to be aware and safeguard ourselves from the disadvantages, and use the technology in the right path.

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