How To Improve Your JEE Exam Marks?

JEE Exams is one of the most difficult and challenging examinations in the country. Also, it is really popular and thousands of students prepare for this exam to get themselves admitted to the top tier institutions like IIT and other engineering institutes.

JEE exam is conducted twice a year and the candidates are advised to study really hard for cracking the exam and score good marks in it. Vedantu JEE solutions and tips will allow you to get the best results and make an efficient study plan for JEE.

Essential Tips For Improving JEE Exam Score

JEE Exams are coming close and that is the reason why you will need to start your studies as soon as possible. The extensive syllabus for the exam will take a lot of time to read, learn and revise thoroughly. In today’s blog we are going to discuss with you some important tips that will help you to score good marks in JEE Exams.

In this segment we will show the best tips that will help you to improve your JEE exam score. Take a look at them and implement them in your plan.

Make sure your entire JEE syllabus is complete

You cannot leave any part of the syllabus. You need to complete the entire JEE syllabus so that you can attempt all the questions that are asked. Scan and mark all the topics that have been included in the syllabus.

Learn and understand the topics, especially the ones which you think are more difficult for you to tackle. Finish them first and then move on to the next topics. Once you have finished reading and learning all the topics, you will need to revise them thoroughly.

Analyse the JEE Exam previous paper

In order to improve your performance, you will always need to analyze what you have done in the past. Thus, if you are going to appear for the second JEE exam, then it is vital that you analyze and redo the previous question paper.

Make sure to correct your mistakes, try to understand which part of the paper was more difficult to tackle and where you went wrong. Keep notes of them, revise them and then you will be ready for the JEE Exam coming up.

Improve time management skills

Managing time is one of the most important ways to improve your overall performance and score in the JEE Exams. If you are unable to finish the paper in time, then you will already have lost a significant part of the total marks.

The more you practice, the better it will be for you to improve your time management. Learn and practice how to solve the questions quickly. Attend the mock tests and questions paper in order to check how much time you will need to solve each section of the paper that is given.

Identify topics that you are weak in

You will need to pay more attention to the topics in the syllabus which you find difficult and you are weak in. That is where your maximum focus should be and only after resolving those topics, you must move on to the ones you are already good in. Remove all kinds of doubts and queries which you have regarding the topics and thoroughly learn and understand beforehand.

Continue mock test practicing

In order to improve your marks in the JEE main examination, it is of vital importance that you keep practicing the mock test question papers. Keep solving the questions and check the solutions which have been provided in order to expand your knowledge and also to get familiar with the overall pattern of questions that will come.

Solving question papers also help you to understand your weak points and also your strengths while preparing for the main exam. You can find a lot of JEE Mains resources and mock papers online at different websites for free.


So, these are some important ways in which you will be able to improve your results in the JEE Mains examination 2020. Make sure to follow the steps and get yourself a good rank this year. The more your practice and work hard, the better your chances are to crack the examination

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