Important Things to Consider for Developing an iPhone X App

(Last Updated On: April 3, 2020)

The latest launch of iPhone X is packed with commendable features making it one of the most appreciable phone in iPhone series. The framework has set a standard for other brands to compare with and come in competition. Apple has always had an excellent record of introducing something unique and innovative.

Things to Consider for Developing an iPhone X App

With the new iPhone X, they have taken Apple users by surprise by offering whole new features such as Face ID and wireless charging etc. Much of the hype of the new iPhone X is because of the effortless design, unique features and better design UI that everybody craves for.

The most important thing to consider for developing an app is to stay ahead of the tech world. From an evolution of touch ID to Face ID. This is one of the prominent feature making security a big concern. The screen size, Face ID, wireless charging, as well as swift processing is what makes it unique. But the main concern is how the developers should design the app for iPhone X. In this article, we will discuss the factors that you should consider for iOS app development.

1. Effective use of space

Since the beginning screen size has been a key concern to work with. IPhone X is built with a large screen having more space and high resolution that will make a great impact on the design. Previously the screen size used to be small but in recent times people have started to prefer large screen. Therefore, effective space is required to develop an efficient app. The more space the better efficiency will the app get. The developers can freely design the app on a large resolution and design edge to edge content.

2. Layout Design for iPhone X

The layout design and user interface carry great significance when developing an iOS app. As the iPhone X offers full-screen resolution, the developers should aim at developing an app that offers an optimal experience to the user on a full-size screen. The layout, interface, font, and colors should be kept in mind while working with design. The position of the content is critical and should be positioned in the center. Therefore, it’s advisable that designers should aim at offering an optimal experience to the end users on a full-size screen.

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3. Monitoring on High Resolution

IPhone X comes with an amazing high resolution display screen. The challenging task is when it comes to creating a resolution free such as independent PDF’s and other vector’s artwork. When monitoring to make the content is sharp you need to make sure that you’re using 8 xp by 8 px grid. As for images, the PNG file format should be used for artwork of photos. JPG file format is considered best. Moreover, you should strike a balance between size and quality when optimizing JPEG files. It’s advisable to choose compression size to find the ideal size for every pictures.

4. Display Features

For an app developer, the display features carry great importance. The developers specifically look out for the app development with a high resolution which is quite a challenging task. The app needs to be designed with features in accordance with screen resolution. The developers should come up with exciting features to keep the customers engaged and ensure to remove any distortion or display issue when working with the latest resolution.

5. Prevent duplication of System Keyboard

The iPhone developers are advised to always make sure not to implement duplication of a keyboard like the previous one which includes the panel with Emoji keyboard at the bottom of keyboard. Giving preference to Face ID rather than Touch ID in concern with authentication. Since Face ID is the new thing, apps should be designed particularly those relating to purchase and payments to secure the sign in process and make it safe.

6. Designing the 3D Touch Interaction

Among the numerous features that iPhone X offers one exclusive feature is the 3D touch interaction that offers a new dimension. The users will get added excess by applying pressure to the touchscreen. The apps display a set of menu, additional content or playing an animation. The pressure on the app icon lets you perform task instantly that needs to be carried out. Developers need to ensure to develop fast action apps to be carried out rapidly. The icon and the title should be easy and clear for each action.

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7. Interaction with User

The newest feature Face ID by Apple has taken the app world to another level. It’s said that this new feature will make use of over thousands of dots to recognize the face of the owner proceed with unlocking the phone. In process with this step, the mobile apps should be reliable in the same manner and users should not encounter any issue due to it.

Wrapping up

App development for the newly introduced iPhone X might is a daunting and challenging task for the developers. As there are some major introductions with the new phone to work with it has offered extensive opportunities for the developers to design the app in an exceptional way. It is providing a great learning experience to the developers and work with something exciting in the near future.

Things to Consider for Developing an iPhone X App

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