IIT Kharagpur Congratulates Sunder Pichai For His New Role At Google

SundarIIT Kharagpur is overwhelmed as its 1989 batch student Sunder Pichai has been appointed the new CEO of top notch technology conglomerate and internet Search Company Google. To honor his achievement, the students from this premier IIT institution opened a Facebook page.

The page carries the name congratulate KGPian Sundar Pichai, CEO – Google“, comprises a photo of a smiling Pichai with the date August 11 displayed by its side.

The people behind the page said that “This event is to run a campaign to congratulate KGP alumnus Sundar Pichai on becoming the CEO of Google.”

By 10: 00 PM the page received over 2300 guests and their messages. The messages will be sent to Sunder Pichai.

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institute director P.P. Chakrabarti on his Facebook page:

“Congratulations Sundar. You are an inspiration for IITKGP students and the whole IITKGP family is proud of you. Wish you the very best!”

– IIT Kharagpur Congratulates Sunder Pichai

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