Ideas For Productive Presentation Design

Do you suffer stage fright? No need to worry! The presentation displayed in your background will help you out to some extent. But, you need to have an efficacious presentation design to successfully convey your message to the audience.

productive presentation design

Here come the best ideas to make a wonderful presentation design:

Don’t use a built-in template:

Are you tired of seeing those boring presentation templates used by everyone? Then, you shouldn’t use them. Your audience expects an innovative and unique presentation from you.

Then, why do you want to show them the same template which they’ve viewed countless times? Avoid using those ubiquitous templates. Instead, feature your own creativity by making customized background templates.

Many people are mistaken by the fact that consistent visual theme is required throughout the presentation. It is true. But, it doesn’t mean that you tend to show boring backgrounds to the audience.

Use high-quality photos and graphics:

Just imagine; using cartoon images or graphics in a professional business presentation. Or consider a fully stretched low-resolution photo which is nothing but a completely blurred photo. Wouldn’t that be too awkward? Just remember: Use high-quality pictures only!

Images are used to enhance the message of your presentation. If the image is too blurring, will it be able to convey effectively?

You can get high-quality graphics from:

  • Own photographs of digital camera
  • Purchase the professional stock photography from websites
  • The plethora of images available online (be cautious of copyright)

Avoid transitions and animations:

Do you crave for transitions and animations in the presentation? It’s okay, you can use them but don’t overdo. Use the subtle and professional animations in a judicious way. If each and every slide is embedded with transition effects, the audience will not be able to endure it.

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Use the solid colors:

Who doesn’t like colors? The right colors evoke feelings in viewers, increases retention time, motivate and persuade them. Knowing the psychology of colors can greatly benefit you in making presentations. Here’s some little information about colors, you may look forward to:

Cool Colors – works best to recede the things away in the background

  • Blue: Intellectual
  • Green: Harmony

Warm Colors – works best to pop the things out

  • Red: Energetic
  • Yellow: Creativity
  • Orange: Passion

You need to use a harmonious palette of colors for an enthralling presentation. Using too bright colors will not be soothing to audience’s eyes.

Choose the font well:

Fonts are imperative to deliver the subtle messages. Therefore, you should carefully choose the font face and size.

The font size can be minimum 30 points. Moreover, use it throughout the entire presentations. You are not bound to use a specific font but, Sans-serif is recommended. Sans-serif font such as Helvetica is easily readable.

Watch the readability:

Have you ever encountered a presentation in which you’re unable to read a single word from the far back of auditorium? Yes right! You got my point.

Before finalizing the presentation, you must work out the visibility of font including its size and color.

Check whether the person who is sitting at the last seat or the one sitting right there in front of you is able to view the presentation properly or not. Moreover, instead of writing a lot of text, you should consider using maximum 6 bullet points.

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Use appropriate charts to display statistics:

Are there any stats in your presentation? The statistical data in graph form is helpful for the audience to grasp information. Here are some uses of different graphs:

  • Vertical Bar charts: used for percentages.
  • Pie charts: used to show changes.
  • Line charts: used to display trends.

Are you ready to stand out by using these ideas in your presentation? Cool! Just relax and display your confidence throughout the presentation. Make strong eye contact with your audience and show them that you’re no less. Best of Luck!

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