IBM To Cut 15000 Jobs Globally. India Operations Worst Hit

ibm job cut

Call it a restructuring or layoff but technology magnet IBM is all set to roll it out. IBM plans to cut 15000 odd jobs globally. The restructuring would impact techies working in the countries like India, Brazil and the European region. An official announcement at IBM reads it: “The estimate of jobs cut globally is 15,000.

The restructuring process started to shape up last month when IBM said its top executives to give up their bonus. This process was the part of $1 billion restructuring programme in Q1 2014. IBM compelled to do it as a huge decline in sales of servers and storage systems was reported. If this announcement is to be interpreted in a fair light India would witness the major chunk of layoffs as over 1 lakh employees are alone in the country.

IBM hasn’t yet confirmed the exact number of layoffs by location. Only an official communication can reveal it. When contacted, IBM India spokesperson said that restructuring proposed after recent earning briefings. The earning evaluation forced IBM to rebalance its workforce to compete the changing business requirements. Spokesperson further added:

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To that end, IBM is positioning itself to lead in areas such as Cloud, Analytics and Cognitive Computing and investing in these priority areas. For example, we have recently committed $1 billion to our new Watson unit and $1.2 billion to expand our cloud footprint around the world.”

The restructuring program is already started at IBM’s System Technology Group in Bangalore. More than 50 employees were handed pink slips as part of the layoffs.

(IBM To Cut 15000 Jobs Globally)

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