Huawei Will Launch 5G Network By 2018, MoU Signed With Russian Firm

While Indians are looking at having latest 4G in their smartphones, there are some who mulling to introduce 5G. Yeah! You are getting it right. There are telecom players who are planning to give a nod to 5G.  Huawei seems going that way. News reports are saying that the company has signed an agreement with Russian mobile operator MegaFon to develop a high-end 5G networks by 2018.

Two companies have signed an MoU this morning to deploy trial networks in time to cover the 2018 World Cup. 2017 will be the target year to complete the project. If the news becomes the reality, 5G network will be available for guests and participants of the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

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President of Huawei products and solutions, Ryan Ding stated the following:

“With the help of MegaFon, we are confident of turning science-fiction-like service into 5G reality for citizens in Russia and soccer fans around the world, two years ahead of the industry’s estimated 5G introduction date of 2020.”

Earlier it was being speculated that India and Israel have agreed to work jointly on developing 5G telecom technologies.


Story: Huawei Will Launch 5G Network By 2018

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