How to Set up a Day Trading Computer Workstation?

In a world of online trading, setting up a trader workstation might seem effortless. Still, some considerations require a careful approach. Of course, purchasing a trading computer plays an essential role in your setup.

Ways to Set up a Day Trading Computer Workstation?

However, choosing the right machine may take more than merely reading a few reviews. You have to focus on the purpose of the computer you’ll be using. If you’re still wondering how to set up a trader workstation, here’s an overview.

Is It Worth Spending Your Money on a Trader Workstation?

At first, many beginners tend to disregard the need for premium hardware and software. However, this mistake can quickly turn into a disaster. Going for a budget-friendly option might save you money upfront. Sooner or later, you’ll start regretting your choice due to the annoying underperformance of your setup.

Therefore, you should make sure your trader workstation is as high-end as possible. Buy the best configuration you can to ensure a smooth workflow. Think of your computer as the instrumental to success. After all, no amount of talent can replace a high-quality setup.

Is Internet Speed Important?

Generally, day trading involves making split-second decisions regularly. In other words, you’d need a speedy internet connection to buy and sell a position as quickly as possible. Therefore, you must ensure you have high internet download and upload speeds. Ultimately, you’ll receive current market data and trade without delay.

Therefore, you should opt for no less than 4 Mbps download speed. Luckily, it’s relatively common nowadays. On the other hand, you’d want to have at least 1 Mbps upload speed for optimal day trading experience. Keep in mind that the internet speed that providers offer is often the maximum speed that you will have. Any rate below the recommended numbers can result in delays in order executions.

In terms of the type of Internet, DSL is a huge no-no. In general, a cable broadband internet may provide a relatively fast connection. Still, your best shot would be a fiber-optic connection, as it will give optimal reliability. Also, don’t forget to buy a decent wireless router. It’s always a wiser move to get your router, rather than using your provider’s stock model.

What Are the Requirements for a Day Trading Computer Setup?

Arguably, choosing the right components of your day trading computer should be your main objective. Of course, you’d want to start with the central processing unit. For the most part, Intel and AMD offer the best CPUs for day trading. Depending on your budget, you may get a decent dual or quad-core i7-or-better processor. This way, you’ll get an adequate response time when multitasking.

In terms of storage capacity, you don’t necessarily need a bulky hard drive. A 500 GB SSD drive would be more than enough unless you plan on saving pictures and videos. Then, you can go for as much as 2 TB SSD or SATA3 drive. Bear in mind that solid-state drives provide much faster performance than their predecessors.

Similarly, many retailers may offer setups with up to 128 GB RAM. As you can imagine, having so much random access memory is useless.  Typically, you’d need at least 8 GB for a beginner’s configuration, or 16 GB DDR4 RAM for a standard one. When you have enough short-term memory, you’ll be able to multi-task without delays, freezes, or crashes.

What Are the Requirements for a Multi-Monitor Trader Workstation?

If you plan on creating a multi-monitor workstation, then you may require more than one graphics card. Generally, an integrated GPU is enough to support a couple of monitors. However, professional trading setups employ additional external cards to supply multiple displays at once. The GeForce GTX series are a common choice for trading computer retailers. Ideally, you can easily power up to six 24-inch screens with just one or two high-end video cards.

Depending on your experience and needs, you may get as many monitors as you want. Don’t fall for the trap that more monitors will ensure better performance. Ultimately, your goal is to find the balance between usable force and unnecessary distractions. Still, consider buying at least two or three for optimal performance in the market. Just remember to ensure you have all the adapters and cables for a straightforward start.

Final Thoughts

Finally, you may wish to take your time and browse for some stock machines. Usually, you can get nearly the same performance as the professional setups. Moreover, you may be pleased with the money you’ve saved. However, such options may not be suitable for day trading, and you may soon regret your decision.

Instead, you can pick one of the many customizable trader workstation setups from niche retailers. They offer computers and laptops specifically designed for trading. If you’re in search of the ultimate day trading system, Trading Computers is the best place to get you started.

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