How To Reset iPhone And iPad To Factory Setting And Taking Backup

When you’re set to sell your iPhone or iPad to get the latest one or need to get it repaired at your neighborhood iPhone repair center, keep the backup of the data stored and reset the phone. The backup involves backing up all data including music files, videos, pictures and emails etc. It’s recommended to reset your phone as well before retiring it. This is how you can reset your iPhone and iPad:

How To Reset iPhone And iPad

Soft Reset Of iPhone And iPad

 There are occasions when your iPhone is accidentally locked and none of its buttons are working. Then, you can restart the phone by holding the power button and home button down at the same time until device switches off and starts booting again. Switch it on again and you will see Apple logo appearing on the screen, which means your iPhone is getting back to normal.

 How to Back Up iPhone Data

How To Reset iPhone And iPad

May be, you are using the best cloud software but it’s a good idea to have full phone back up on your personal computer as well. The process of backup is straight forward. Connect your iPhone to your computer. When a pop-up appears in iTunes confirming the connection, click on the left hand pane. The pane shows a Summary screen displaying the Backup options available. Click the Back Up Now button, and you’re done.

How To Reset iPhone And iPad To Factory Setting

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