How to Refund a Game on Steam in Few Simple Steps?


If you have recently purchased a game on Steam but realized later that this is something you don’t want to continue with, you can refund the game on Steam. The article explains the process and steps to follow to refund the game.

What is Steam Game Refund Policy?

If you have bought games from Steam, you can ask for refunds for most of the games. Even if you have a game gifted by someone, you can request a refund for that game as well. In this case, money will be returned to the original buyer of the game.

The Steam Game refund is bound by a strict refund policy that determines your eligibility for the refund.  Buyers can ask for the money back within 14 days of purchase or 14 days of the game’s release in case of a pre-order. In this scenario, you have to make sure that that game has been played for less than two hours after purchase.

If you fail to comply with the above two rules for money back, you can place a manual refund request. A team from Steam will manually review your request and decide on a refund.

How to Apply for a Refund on Steam (Games, DLCs, etc)?

We have listed below the steps for requesting a game refund on Steam. Just follow these steps. If you’re eligible, you will get your money back in no time.

  • Visit the Steam help website and log in to your Steam account.
  • From the options available there, click on Purchases
How to Refund a Game on Steam
  • Select the game you want a refund for. If your game isn’t on the list, it isn’t eligible for a refund.
  • The next tab asks for the reason you want a refund. Tell Steam if it was an accidental purchase or if there is gameplay or technical issue.
  • Now click on ‘I’d like to request a refund’.
How to Refund a Game on Steam
  • Select the refund method. During this step, you can choose whether you’d like the refund in your original payment mode, or into your Steam wallet.
  • In ‘Reason’ drop drown explain why you are requesting a refund.
  • Submit the request.

After submission, you get a confirmation email saying that your refund request has been received. Now, Steam will review your request. If the request is approved, you will get your money credited back into your account within 7 days.

How to Check Steam Refund Eligibility?

How to Refund a Game on Steam

It’s very easy to ascertain if your game purchase is eligible for a refund. Follow the steps we have mentioned above. If your game shows up on the list for purchase on the Steam help website, you will surely get a refund.

Where Steam Refunds Apply?

Following is a quick overview of how refunds work with other types of purchases.

Refunds on Downloadable Content

DLC bought from the Steam store is refundable within fourteen days of purchase. A game also comes under the purview of refund if it has been played for less than two hours.

Refunds on in-game Purchases

You can request a refund for in-game purchases within forty-eight hours of purchase. You also need to assure that the in-game item has not been consumed, modified, or transferred.

Refunds on Pre-Purchased Titles

In case you pre-purchase a title, you can request a refund at any time before its release.

Steam Wallet Refunds

For Steam wallet refunds, you can raise a refund request within fourteen days of purchase if they were purchased on Steam and if you have not used any of those funds.

Refund on Steam Hardware

A user may request a refund for Steam hardware and accessories prepurchased via Steam. The users must ship the hardware back to the steam within fourteen (14) days after requesting the refund.

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