How to Raise a Happy Family? An Expert Opinion

# Last Updated On: June 22, 2021 #

While the fast paced modern life might overwhelm us at times, finding ways to create peace in the house and raise children in a happy, healthy and protected environment has never felt more important.

With children and parents both getting more and more engaged in technology it is vital that we work towards a more positive and connected family structure.

How to Raise a Happy Family

Here are some secrets of raising a happy family that you can easily put to use in your own home to raise a joyful and flourishing family.

Eat together as a family

Family councelling

While this is said often but can’t be said enough! Eating together as a family can do wonders for the positive upbringing of a child. The more meals you eat together as a family the more your family bonds will strengthen and your children will grow up feeling secure, mature, and confident as well as stress free.

In addition to that, studies have shown that children who eat with their families tend to thrive in school and are less likely to get involved in drugs, bad company or suffer from depression.

Structure your child’s life with routine

Children whose lives are set around a proper routine are known to strive better than children who do not follow a schedule. A set and predictable routine helps children feel independent as well as make them believe they are in control of their lives.

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Be emotionally present for your children

Ever wondered while you children have it together in front of others? But as soon as they see you they either start having tantrums or melt downs? This is due to the fact that your children feel more secure and relaxed around you and feel like your presence is where they can let go of all pretexts.

Imagine how difficult it must be for a child to keep it together all day in the face of all these developmental changes. The other reasons for a child to have a meltdown might be cause of hunger or that they are tired.

Try your best to control your emotions and comfort your children and hopefully these stages will just pass. On the other hand, if you feel like your child is experiencing these melt downs too often then you can always seek the help of a therapist or even family counseling to help overcome these hurdles.

Spent time together as a family

Other than eating meals together, spending quality time together as a family is absolutely essential. Try to inculcate in your children the importance of family relationships as well as the significance of family time. Create a happy environment and plan activities that the whole family can participate in and enjoy.

Start a norm of family meetings

As cheesy as it may sound, family meetings can prove to be quite an effective method of making your children feel empowered as well as important. Family meetings can be an integral part towards building a strong and connected family.

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It helps children talk about their problems at school, as well as work out any issues between siblings. Think of family meetings as family counseling but without the hefty therapist bills.

Make your home into a safe haven

The outside world can be quite a daunting place, especially for children who are still trying to understand and make sense of the challenges of everyday life.

Creating a happy and healthy as well as safe home environment will not only make your children feel secure but they will also learn to appreciate you more as a parent as well.

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