How To Play YouTube Videos In Background Or With Screen Locked

Like me, most of the YouTube users can’t play YouTube videos in background. I personally have found that videos stopped playing once I locked the screen or switched to any other app in between . In addition to that, it’s also not possible to use other apps while YouTube is running. That means, if you leave the app or turn off your phone screen, video will stop playing.

How To Play YouTube Videos In Background

I am sharing with you a trick that work in most of the situations. Below are the steps that you can follow to run YouTube videos in background or while keeping phone screen off. Hope it works for you folks as well.

  1. •    Download Mozilla Firefox app from Play store.
  2. •    Once installed open YouTube on the Firefox browser
  3. •    Select the YouTube video you want to play.
  4. •    While video is playing, press the back button in your phone or turn your screen off. The video would continue playing in the background.
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How To Play YouTube Videos In Background

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