How to Pick the Right To-Do List App for iPhone?

Thanks to these tons of to-do list apps, that smartphones don’t have to bear the blame for wasting precious time anymore. All a user needs is to install an app that helps in task management, and he/she is all set to start a well-disciplined life. But the real challenge is still there. Users are available with so many options that deciding for the right one becomes entirely tricky for them.

Pick the Right To-Do List iPhone App

One good idea to get out of this trouble is to have a look at best to-do list apps for iPhone. While looking at reviews gives insights into the potential solution, it is better to take a more systematic approach. One should first analyze the need and nature of changes to be incorporated before choosing for such apps.

Here is a guide into how to pick the right to-do list app for iPhone.

1. Look for the Feature

Useless to mention how significant it is to know about the features of any product, particularly in case of something which is too mainstream. To-do list apps are indeed an ordinary commodity, and most of them have same features.

Therefore, chances exist that user may go for the right app. Here, one should decide by looking for some different aspects and then comparing them with need. There is no need to install a to-do list app which is complicated to handle. After all, users need something that manages them, not something that requires managing.

2. Know Your Need

After analyzing all the features, a user should decide the right iPhone app on the basis of need. Developing a clarity about requirements is not such a tricky thing. Most of the times, it only depends upon a person’s job. An individual can go with a simple app which offers the setting of tasks and deadlines.

Students who need to collaborate on multiple projects need a to-do list app that facilitates the collaborations. Business entities and organizations have to go a bit far as they require comprehensive features. Therefore, a clarity of need saves the time and cost.

3. Look for Something that Goes with Your Nature

Let’s simplify this point with a question. Can to-do list apps prove useful for a person who is lazy? Or, how they keep pace with the human nature, of taking rest, postponing things and combating depression. A user who has to fight other things must look for an iPhone app that goes well synchronized with the person’s nature.

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The perfect example of this case is an iPhone to-do list app Proud that has very supportive features. This app has options like Breath out and Postpone that enable working in a flexible way. Hence, a to-do list feature is not an only thing that one should look for in such an app.

4. Go for a Long-Term Mutual Relation

Looking for a long-term mutual relationship in an app might seem odd at first. But, there is a need to do so. Let’s jump directly at an example of Toodledo. The app has multiple features that enable making of to-do lists for daily basis and long-term tasks. The best thing about this app is that it allows systematic planning by making users go from short-term to long-term goals.

A user can create a checklist for buying weekly groceries and set the tasks to be completed after months. The app also allows making elaborating notes to explain the context of various functions. People who want to move ahead by keeping a track of and managing their daily life, weekly life and even yearly life must use Toodledo.

5. A Motivational App

Making to-do lists is one thing, and completing them is other. All those comfortable to use interfaces and comprehensive task sheets are of no use if a person has no motivation to finish them. Here, users have apps like Todoist. The best thing about this app is that it rewards points for completing tasks; something that keeps users moving ahead.

Youngsters who love playing video games and making points must consider Todoist because each time they complete a task they get, coins in return. But the difference between Todoist and any other mobile game is that app rewards points for accomplishing real-life adventures.

6. An App that Helps Monitor the Progress

Most of the to-do list apps allow making of tasks, setting deadlines and then creating reminders. But, organizations need a more comprehensive solution as they need to keep track of the progress of projects. Here, they should use an app like Trello which has a unique card system that categorizes the projects according to their progress status.

Such an app is of more significance for the small businesses who need tech tools for the management purpose. Another, attractive thing about these apps is that they allow uploading of multiple files and hence play the role of record keeping as well.

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7. Apps that Aid in Collaborations

As a matter of fact, to-do list apps are more significant for group projects than individual assignments. Youngsters particularly students who are engaged in academic projects and need to be cautious about the deadlines, must use a tech tool that not only keeps track of progress but also monitors how every group member is performing.

The perfect example of such to-do list app is Wunderlist that allows sharing of lists and uploading multiple files. Further, Wunderlist also enables commenting buy all the team members. Attractive thing about this app is that it facilitates 25 membered collaboration for free. Therefore, students who can’t afford a comprehensive app, but need one can go for Wunderlist.

8. An App- Cum Diary

Many times, users don’t need a tech tool but something with which they can share their feelings and daily life routine just like a diary. One example of such app is My Notebook. This iPhone app not only allows the making of to-do lists but also enables writing about tasks, things, routines, and feelings in a comprehensive manner. My Notebook has the edge over a paper diary due to the tools that make it possible to organize various items and arrange them in order of ease.

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