How to Maintain Your Car Engine for Higher Efficiency?

(Last Updated On: December 28, 2020)

Similar to how the heart is for our body, the engine is to our car. Yes, we know what we just said there and its cent percent true. Your car’s engine is like the mechanism that keeps it moving, providing you with the joys of owning an automobile.

Now, similar to how you need to stay healthy, your car’s engine needs to be maintained as well. However, in case you face difficulties around change of spares, we have a solution for you, reach out to the services of Boodmo at to check out more.

No, we aren’t saying that it won’t drop in terms of efficiency or need auto parts repair, but when you maintain the health of your car’s engine, you are just adding to the life of your automotive. Doesn’t it sound right if you can just improve the quality of your ride by doing one simple thing, ‘maintain your car engine?’

Yes, we know what you are thinking, “but how do I maintain the health of my car’s engine for higher efficiency?” Relax, we have you covered over our tips that will help you keep up with your engine efficiency and make it feel like new every time you press the gas pedal. Have a look:

1.    Change Your Engine Oil Regularly

One of the least things that you can do for your car is to change your engine oil at regular intervals, say after it covers every 5,000+ kms.

The reason behind us saying this is the fact that your engine oil is the one responsible to keep the insides of your engine lubricated and mobilise them, keeping a minimal wear and tear inside. Further, the engine oil is also responsible to trap all the dust particles that make their way inside the engine of your car.

Therefore, it is advisable that you check your car’s oil levels almost every month and refill it, the moment it goes low. This way, you just add to the efficiency of your car’s engine.

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2. The Cooling System Is Important

Yes, it is a well-established fact that our technology has driven us a long way in building engines that are beyond efficient in terms of generating power and performance. However, even though the engineering of cars’ engines have improved significantly, they still lose some heat in terms of the combustion process that generates heat.

Now, it is no rocket science to understand that the metals and alloy parts that are present inside your engine are not really okay with higher temperatures inside. Therefore, to keep up with your car’s engine efficiency, you need to assure that the insides have ample coolant, present inside the tank. Further, we suggest you maintain a 1:1 ratio of coolant and distilled water to maintain the ideal temperatures inside your car.

3.  Make Sure Your Car’s Interior is breathing

Ever felt the reduction of oxygen levels post your workout? Or, feel tired post a brief walk? Yes, that is a similar situation you can think your car to be in. Similar to your body, even your car needs oxygen to keep up with its life.

When the air flow inside your car is constricted, it can cause a problem in igniting up and also lead to some serious problems, like not being able to burn the fuel completely and increasing emissions, giving out black smoke and ultimately, reducing its mileage.

So, it is important that you check the air filter inside your car and get it cleaned/ changed over routine intervals or whenever you feel there is too much dirt and debris stuck to it.

4.  Keep a Check on the Revs

The modern engines are engineered to perform under extreme conditions. This way, your engine is developed to give out the best of speed and efficiency under variable conditions. Interestingly, when these engines are moving at a constant speed, they actually perform at their most ideal conditions, allowing them to give out their best.

However, when there is too much variation in the overall revs level while you are driving, it takes a toll over your car’s engine as you aren’t really driving it at a constant motion. Too much variation over your revs is a common condition when you experience city driving as there you need to constantly start and stop or keep your engine at halt.

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Next time when you are facing a jam, try not revving too hard or over-accelerate your car as it is a great method to provide you with extra mileage.

5. Look Out for Leaks in Your Fuel Tank

Something as similar or common as looking at your car when you leave the car parking spot can do a great job in helping you determine the engine health and improving efficiency of your car. Wonder how? Have a look!

Fuel or fluid leaks from inside the car can be a result of some damage done to the internals of your car, more commonly, those of the engine oil and antifreeze. Therefore, next time whenever you pull out your car from a parking spot, it’s important that you check out for any fluids on the ground.


With the suggested tips that are listed above, we hope that you are able to maintain the best efficiency of your car’s engine.

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