How To Hide ‘Last Seen’ Timestamp On WhatsApp ?

If you are one among them who are annoyed due to WhatsApp ‘Last Seen’ timestamp, it’s time to jump with joy. WhatsApp finally rolled out the feature to disable the time stamp for the users using Android phones. To do so you need to effort a bit as the feature is still not available on Google Play.  Find below the complete How-to.

For Android 2.1 and Higher versions:

Steps To Follow:

1. Go to the Settings menu and enable ‘Download from Unknown Sources’ in the Security tab.
2.Visit WhatsApp website and download the APK (application) file from official website. It will show two options – ‘Package Installer’ and ‘Verify and Install’; select the ‘Package Installer’
3. A message appear that this application will make changes to WhatsApp; allow it to alter the app.
Now, select Setting → Account → Privacy.
4.You will see the ‘Last Seen’ option here followed by three options to choose from-

My Contacts

Select the one that suits you best. It’s interesting to know that once you disable others from seeing your timestamp you either won’t able to see theirs.

(  How To Hide ‘Last Seen’ Timestamp On WhatsApp)

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