How to Increase Youtube Views? 11 Solid Tips

Youtube is the most potent video-sharing network that has 1.9 billion+ monthly users. This fact makes YouTube the second largest search engine next to Google. People want to know everything in a few minutes without wasting time, and this gives an emerging cause to Youtube that 6 out of 10 people prefer to watch online videos rather than TV. Here are 11 solid tips about how to Get More Views on Youtube. These are some tactics that will help to get free Youtube views.

How to Get More Views on Youtube?

how to increase youtube views

Isn’t it looking more exciting to get an account on Youtube and increase views of your video because approximately 1,000,000,000 mobile videos viewed daily, this will definitely give the right amount of traffic and free Youtube views.

If you want to rank up high and want to get more views, you must create a video that contains amazing content and edit it in a way that makes it look more impressive and easy to digest. Apart from these basic things, here are some tactics that will definitely lead you to get more views.

#1 Create Enthralling Videos

Just pour all your heart, soul and intelligence into the video and create the most compelling video you have ever made in your life. Just identify the needs of your targeted viewers and draft your video accordingly. This is the simplest way to solve the problem of viewers and develop a community in your niche to increase Youtube views.

It is always better to ask your viewers to subscribe to your Youtube channel if they liked your video and encourage them to hit the bell icon to get notified. It enables you to hold viewers on your channel and with the notification to any new updates, thus, leading you to increase viewers and lets you get Youtube views.

If the question ‘how to get more views on Youtube for free’ enthralls you, create amazing videos for your audience.

#2 Optimize the Title of Video as SEO

As we optimize our website page for search engine optimization, Youtube is also considered as a search engine. However, your video should also be optimized with appropriate file name, title, description and metatags to rank higher.

One must include the most searched keywords in your title so that Youtube can crawl your video as up as possible in search results. We can also take the help of Google Ads and Keyword Planner to get the most potential keyword for your video. You can add 60-70 characters in your video title.

Frame your title and description compelling enough and keep it relevant, accurate and informative to your video. If you optimize your title as per the youtube algorithm, you will come up on top and get free Youtube views instantly.

#3 Retain Your Audience with Playlist

Everyone wants to get integrated knowledge of each topic they are curious about so then here your trick works! If you are going to post the complete information on a specific topic. Just make a playlist which navigates your viewers from one to another video easy to get the comprehensive knowledge of any particular subject.

Playlists create an interest in viewers and retain their watch time with its auto-play feature and also increases the viewers on your video because the title of playlist works as another potential keyword for search engine optimization.

Just click on the + icon under the video, you have uploaded and create a chain of knowledge with including video’s URL.

#4 Use Appropriate Thumbnails

As said that the ‘First Impression’ decides the whole character of anything. Thumbnails are the simple cover of your video that drops the first impression in the mind of viewers. You must add an impressive and eye-catchy thumbnail for your video so that your video will stand out from the crowd and identified quickly.

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According to the facts of Youtube, 9 out of 10 most viewed videos use a custom thumbnail. You can use Green, Blue, and orange colour for your thumbnail because these colours grab the instant attraction of viewers towards your video and ultimately bring more views on Youtube.

#5 Use End Screen and Card Feature

In tizzy about how to increase Youtube views fast? Use End screen and card feature. End screen and card feature enable you to promote your video at the end of other videos by putting as an option for viewers to do click for more related videos that help in the increment of viewers.

To get this feature of Youtube, you must have a verified account with Youtube. When Youtube audits your account, you can access this feature by clicking on the “Creator Studio” then hit on the “Video Manager” option then click “Videos” and find the video you want to add as a card on the end screen then click “Edit”.

When you are on the editor’s page, click on the menu items top of the page and add your end screen and card. This is a very intelligently designed tool to increase Youtube views, just use it wisely to get an easy call-to-action feature in your videos.

#6 Promote and Share Your Videos on other Social Media Channels

As you are a digital marketer, you must have accounts on various social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on. So whenever you upload your latest video on your Youtube channel promote it on other social media accounts.

For Example: Create a short teaser of your video and upload it on Facebook and add the URL of your complete video on Youtube with the caption ‘Want More! Just Visit Our Youtube Channel’ will work as a string to get more about the video if your viewers found it worthy.

You can also share and market your video through email marketing by sending the URL of a new video to your viewers via mail; this will be more credible and build a strong relationship with your followers.

#7 Keep Engaged with Youtube Subscribers

Youtube is not limited to just posting quality videos on the channel; it is much deeper than it. We must keep our audience engaged with you to get more views and establish a strong relationship. It ultimately boost Youtube views at greater extent.

One must work with it as you are working on other social media channels like encourage them to give feedback on video and answer the question that arises in the mind of viewers.

We can also subscribe to other channels related to your niche and solve the quarries there by commenting with accurate and informative answers and build a fair and powerful image of your brand. This communication makes your viewers feel identified, and they will become loyal to you and retain engagement with your videos.

#8 Boost Your Session Time

Session time refers to the time a viewer spends on your channel after watching the video. So if someone is watching a video on your channel and immediately leaves the page, it will reduce your session time. Further, on the contrary, if someone stays on your channel after watching, it increases the session time.

To increase the session time of your channel you must add your best videos on the top or add the most relevant videos next to the specific video, and this will lead you to retain the attention of viewers on the channel and increase increase Youtube views.

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#9 Tuck Your Video in Your Blog

When someone starts reading a blog, many questions arise in their mind about how to do or what to do, etc. To give the answers to those questions, you can include your video in your blog so that anyone can find an instant solution to the problem. For your channel, it works as a backlink to your video for search engine optimization.

For Example: If you posted a video of ‘How to Setup with Instagram’, and also you write a blog, you can embed your video with the blog for easy navigation and more views.

#10 Understand the Prime Time of Audience

If you are still looking at how to get more views on Youtube for free, understanding of your audience is crucial. The time of uploading video is a crucial part of getting views.

Upload your video at the time when your audience is active because if you upload it at other times then it is possible to forget and misplace the video and you will lose a potential view that will cause negatively the overall success of the video.

First, you must understand the prime time of your audience when they are actively engaged with youtube then schedule your video accordingly so that there is no room to be forgotten.

#11 Market Your Video

When your video makes the presence of itself on various forums, directories and other platforms for marketing, then Google automatically ranks it on top of its search results, and your video found most relatable and worthy.

For Example: If your video is related to tricks of photography and someone asks a question related to photography on Quora now you can answer the question. Also, it is advised to put a link of your video in your details that will promote your Youtube channel and increase the get free Youtube views instantly.

How to Get More Views on Youtube: Conclusion

Above were the 11 best tactics to get more Youtube views for your video. However, the first thing you need to keep in mind is to offer quality content for your viewers and don’t mislead them because they visited your channel to get some authentic information. Winning the trust of your viewers is essential to maximize the overall benefits of YouTube marketing and boost Youtube views.

The more quality content you present in front of them, the more views you can get without any tactics. And if not just grasp all the tactics mentioned above and optimize your video and channel accordingly that will definitely lead you towards the meeting of your Youtube goals.

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Elisabeth Minter
February 27, 2020 8:52 pm

Great Tips. I agree that Just identify the needs of your targeted viewers and draft your video accordingly. Your video content should be informative, entertaining, and helpful for the audience. if the user does not find your video content interesting and informative they will avoid watching it and sharing it. So always make sure what your audience is looking for, give them on their fingertips. Create a viewing loop. In this way, viewers are tuned and stay in the videos. For example, when any video is watched, a banner like a poster is highlighted or at the video’s end, the… Read more »

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