How To Connect The Printer With The Internet?

Print-out with the internet connection has become convenient in all offices and at home. It helps in eliminating the ease of going to the desktop every time for the print command. Moreover, it also helps in maintaining printer security.

Best Way To Connect The Printer With The Internet:

Best Way To Connect The Printer With The Internet

You can easily set a password to your printer to save your important data and printer misuse. Now, let’s discuss some of the best ways to connect your printer with the internet:

1. Connect Printer with Local Network

Basically, the window makes easy for the printers to share among different printers on the local network. So, if you have a local printer, then it is ideal to connect them using USB or your computer.

So, once you set up printer sharing function, your printer will connect to automatically connect to the authorised network. This will enable you to give print command on from either of the system.

As Window 7 and 8 have almost the same features. So it will be easy for you to connect your printer with the shared network. Here, we have common steps:

  • Click on “Manage your printer” option on the printer.
  • It will highlight the printer name that you want to share with another network.
  • Click on the share button, it will ask to add the email address of your other connected system.
  • After sharing your email id, it will be in ready to use mode.
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2. Use Wireless Connection

 Using Wi-Fi is the another best technique to give print command from anywhere and anytime. The latest printer models come with add on these features. Simply, you need to add an appropriate driver software on your computers which are to be connected with the printer.

This will enable you to give print command upon any network. The biggest advantage of using a wifi connection is that you don’t have to power on the main computer to give a print command like the case of local sharing network method.

3. Use Google Cloud Printing Option

Google cloud print is a remote printing solution by Google. In the earlier era, many users prefer to wish for mobile printing option. Which is now become possible with the Google Cloud inbuilt print support.

All you need to do is to configure your google account with the printer. Then you can perform the print function from anywhere with drive stored documents.

With the novelty in Google function, now Google also allows connecting your smartphone or another smart device with the printer, only by using Google account.

Recently, Google also launched its Google Cloud Printer service for the Windows desktop that will help you to print documents from a mobile app or Microsoft office files. Here, are some steps to connect the printer via google cloud print:

  • Open Google Chrome tools > go to options or preference
  • Sign in to Google cloud print
  • Choose Finish Printer Registration, your printer will be attached to same Google accounts devices.
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Bottom Line :

Hope, the above-mentioned points help you to find the best solution to connect the printer with the internet. Remember, remote printing is not hard when you connect your printer appropriately by following the few steps.

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