How To Check iPhone Warranty And Eligibility For Technical Support ?

How To Check iPhone Warranty And Eligibility For Technical Support

So, you have finally bought your iPhone 6. Loaded with amazing in-built features, it will surely give you a mesmerizing browsing experience on move. But have you checked out that the deal you have clinched spending a huge amount, is legitimate? Did the iPhone 6 / 6+ you buy, come through a valid sales channel.

While buying iPhone6, you need to cross-check a few facts. Check the seller return policy, the product model and manufacturer / dealer warranty. It will help you to get quick resolution if your phone develops snags.

How To Check iPhone Warranty

Checking your iPhone warrant is warranty. You first check out the phone’s serial number printed on the box, in which you have received your phone. If you can’t trace it, find the other way out here:

1. Switch on the iPhone.
2. Go to Settings > General > About
3. Go to Apple’s site and in the text box, enter the serial number of your iPhone and click on Continue.

You will see your detailed warranty status and your eligibility for extended coverage. The document has three main headers labeled as – Purchase Date, Telephone Technical Support, and Repairs and Service Coverage respectively.


If your phone is brand new, you will see all three ticked with a green mark. If it’s not the case, your phone’s warranty has expired or invalid.

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