How To Boost Your Mobile App with AI?

Artificial intelligence has been in vogue for several years now, agree? With the technology advances, a shift from stand-along intelligent things has been observed to a collaborative swarm network of intelligent things.

How To Boost Your Mobile App with AI?

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Technology advances have struggled enough to gain footholds in several niches finding its right place in the world. As a result, a sort of revolution within the revolution is found that could rapidly change the face of all industries over the next few years.

The launch of rockets into space, control the technological process, provide security systems at enterprises- and this is just a small brief, there is a lot to say. These days, mobile can recognize your speech, make certain decisions, serve as a translator from one language into another one… (How To Boost Your Mobile App with AI?)

The use of Artificial Intelligence is growing like never before. This means on the basis of knowledge and research of the mental potential and capabilities of the people themselves, smart programs are being developed and implemented as built-in intellectual functions in various applications, including mobile ones.

Apps are getting smarter, all thanks to AI, machine learning technology. Although, this doesn’t mean you have to be an AI expert to include intelligent elements in their app.

AI in Mobile Apps:

Do you think neural networks are the right solution for everything? I guess not, but they work well when it comes to handling complex data. Artificial Intelligence (AI) in mobile means incorporating of personal assistants.

As a result, app creators and marketers have gained a closer understanding concerning user behavior on the app; mostly through actions, likes preferences, purchases and more.

Now have you read about the concept of deep learning? It involves the process where machines are taught to recognize patterns and then apply these ‘learnings’ to solve various complex queries. Besides, it even has the potential to make the future sessions personalized and seamless by learning user’s behavior patterns.

App analytics is another interesting element that takes a significant place in the mobile realm. Have you ever come across the term Appbot? Sentiment analysis of app reviews from Apple Store and Google Play store like pieces of information are offered to its end users.  (How To Boost Your Mobile App with AI?)

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In addition to this, to gain an understanding of the attitudes, opinions (positive, negative or neutral) and emotions expressed by customers, the app offers several such benefits.

Why incorporate AI into your mobile app?

Gaining momentum-

As I said before, AI is gaining momentum at a fanatic pace. After creating a buzz in healthcare, finance and education industries. AI enters the mobile space.

Engage users-

This is all about gaining the insights of users- this includes what they like, dislike, click on, don’t click on, and the list goes on. For example, chances are there a user finds a few aspects of your app aren’t useful- you’ll eventually know. As a result, you can pivot to focus on what’s working and what’s not! This will definitely increase engagement.

An app can earn-

Do you think data is for making an app better? No, it’s like the more data you glean, the more leverage you can to find investors, sell ads or charge more.

Transform user experience-

With the help of smart apps, people can accomplish their day to day task easily. Personalization is the next big wave that people would love to have in any app. As for now, incorporating such approach will definitely provide you an edge over the competition.

Isn’t as expensive as you think-

There is no cookie-cutter answer to this, depending on what functions you need to add to your app, the cost may vary. In fact, adding AI from the start of your mobile app build, things might seem less expensive. Further, it’s all about making it a worthy investment. (How To Boost Your Mobile App with AI?)

Use Cases for Applying Ai in Mobile Apps:

Automated reasoning-

Some consider this as art while others believe it as science, but getting computers to apply logical reasoning to solve problems. I am sure you must have proved theorems and solved puzzles before; automated reasoning is a similar concept. This is how Artificial Intelligence machine beat humans at chess, stock trading and Jeopardy. For example, Uber uses this concept to optimize routes and get the riders to their destinations faster.

Recommendation services –

This is one of the simplest and most effective application when talking about AI in mobile apps. It may quite interest you to know that why most apps fail within a year of launch is because they aren’t able to provide relevant content to engage users continuously.

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No matter how fresh content you provide on a daily basis, but if it isn’t exciting enough for the end users than it isn’t worth the time you spend creating it. By monitoring choices on the day to day basis and using them into a learning algorithm, you can create a mobile application that makes recommendations that users are likely to be interested in. One of the famous example worth taking into account is Netflix. (How To Boost Your Mobile App with AI?)

Learning behavior patterns –

Fortunately, almost every platform has the capability to acquire user’s behavior patterns to make the next session more seamless. Have you come across a half-bot, half-human hotel booking service?

Snap travel features natural language processing and machine learning to have realistic conversations with the end users on the basis of their preferences. In case, if the user stumps the bot with a request, a human agent successfully intervenes and teaches the bot how not to make the same mistake next time.

In a nutshell,

After much ado, Artificial Intelligence has finally stepped out of the offices of IBM and Amazon and have entered the consumers’ lives through the device they are always active on Mobile. And, the power it has come with is the one that is too large to contain. And you know what the best part is, it doesn’t end there.

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