How the Linux Foundation Pushes Technology Forward?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has come a long way and so is Machine Learning (ML). One tech organization that is setting the pace in as far as the two are concerned is Linux Foundation (LF).

Just recently, the foundation launched an open-source AI and ML learning platform known as the Deep Learning Foundation. The impressive rise in AI and ML innovations is linked to great software, and this is what the foundation promotes.

The new open-source project provides the learners and developers with an elaborate opportunity for technology research and innovation. During the unveiling of the Deep Learning Foundation, the foundation made it clear that learners should expect discount offers on certifications and online training. For example, a registered member can expect a discount code for Linux Foundation Deep Learning program up to 20%.

What’s Linux Foundation?

Linux Foundation is an American non-profit technology organization that operates under the open-source mentality. Basically, the foundation allows its learners around the globe to create and share technology. Lately, they have focused more on AI and ML.

The foundation has been in operation since 2000 and the headquarters are in San Francisco, USA. The works of the foundation are supported by popular tech giants such as Samsung, Microsoft, Hitachi, Intel, and IBM. Linux Foundation works with the organizations to provide its learners with the financial, intellectual, and infrastructural resources for open-source innovation and sharing.

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How the Linux Foundation Pushes Technology Forward

The contributions of Linux Foundation in global technology are in the open for everyone to see. For example, the newly launched Deep Learning program is already in action. Learners are now able to understand Artificial Intelligence better and share innovations through AI apps smoothly.

The launching of the Deep Learning program didn’t come alone as the foundation also launched a sister open-source learning platform known as Acumos AI Project. Acumos is an AI platform that allows the learners and innovators to design, share, and use the AI applications. The project packages important AI toolkits like SciKit and training models for API (Application Programming Interface).

API enables AI developers to connect to the foundation seamlessly. The interface enables the scientists and developers to focus on what they can accomplish and to not concentrate on the foundation. Basically, the new project strives to facilitate more AI innovation and deployment in the real world.

Currently, the original version of the Acumos Project code is available for downloading.  Going forward, Deep Learning founders who include Nokia, Huawei, AT&T, ZTE, and Baidu will design a neutral working space for the creators and developers of the AI technology to co-exist. This will ensure that ML and AI are sped and their application is more prevalent.

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Judging by how the Linux Foundation pushes technology forward, we can only expect more innovations in the world of AI and ML. If the neutral ground that the founders of the foundation are targeting is created, then we will see speedy deep learning and machine responses. The ground has been laid and the projects are underway. All we can do is to wait and observe machines taking over the world.