How Technology Trends Are Influencing Loyalty Programs?

Using customer loyalty and reward programs can help you to earn more money from your blog. Marketers have been using loyalty programs for years to engage current followers and attract new ones.

These campaigns have grown to become wildly popular nowadays, with an impressive 80% of Americans belonging to some type of rewards program.

technology Trends and Loyalty Programs

Technology is changing the way that companies are using loyalty programs, however. It’s becoming easier than ever for even small businesses and startups to launch rewards and incentives for their most valued customers. Here are a couple of ways that modern technology is changing the way loyalty programs work.

Personalized Content

Historically, loyalty programs haven’t been able to offer a very personal touch. Some companies have membership tiers that offer different bonuses based on timeframe or money spent.

Now, however, predictive analytics are allowing companies to collect data on their customers and figure out what type of incentives would work best for each individual. This not only makes your followers feel valued but also encourages participation in your program.

User-Friendly Setup

Living in the smartphone era has made it easier for consumers to take advantage of company offers anytime, anywhere. It’s relatively easy to design and set up a loyalty app for your blog that’s compatible with your customers’ phones.

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With just the click of a button, your customers can interface with your business. A loyalty program that’s easy to use is much more likely to get attention from both old and new customers. Digital rewards are also easier for customers to keep track of than more traditional membership cards.

Creative Rewards

Typically, loyalty programs offer members rewards such as discounts or free gifts. In the digital marketplace, however, you’re essentially unrestricted when it comes to incentives.

You can stick to time-tested classics, or you can opt to think more creatively and come up with something unique. Many websites are choosing to assign loyal users rewards with no monetary value, such as points or badges. A digital system also makes it easier for guests to collect, trade, or reassign rewards with ease.

Social Media Connectivity

The chances are that most of your customers have a social media account, whether with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other popular site. In fact, over 80% of Americans have a social media profile.

By linking your loyalty program to social media, you make it easier for your customers to participate and spread the word about your offers.

If you reward your customers with digital tokens or badges, you can encourage them to post it on social media to garner more attention from other online guests and build your brand without breaking the bank.

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As a blogger, loyalty programs are one of the best ways that you can retain your most valued customers and maintain a healthy bottom line. Technology is changing the way that rewards programs work for the better, making it easier for both businesses and customers to take advantage of all the benefits that these programs have to offer.

If you want to make more money off your blog, you might want to consider setting up an online incentive program.

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