How Does In-display Fingerprint Reader Work?

Some of the noted smartphone flagships like the Mate 20 Pro, OnePlus 6T and Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro all sport an in-display fingerprint reader.

Despite the fact that Apple has started powering its smartphone range with Face ID and iris recognition, many premium Android smartphones still tend to stick with fingerprint ID as the main point of authentication.

How Does In-display Fingerprint Readers Work?


Optical vs Ultrasonic Sensors:

Currently, smartphone makers are using the optical scanners. These optical scanners has a light that illuminate your finger. When put under the scanner, tiny camera under the screen takes an image of your finger which is then compared to the image you stored.

Under-display ultrasonic fingerprint scanners work using ultrasound technology to create an image of a fingerprint. (contd.How Does In-display Fingerprint Readers Work?)

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 is said to be the one device that may come with in-display fingerprint scanner. The phone is expected to launch in January 2019. The scanner could be a an advanced third-gen version of Qualcomm ultrasonic scanner.

The ultrasonic fingerprint readers are best in terms of accuracy. They exceed in expectations than their optical scanners. Therefore, they are more secure.

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The best part of the current generation of ultrasonics is that they can penetrate through glass (up to 800 µm or microns thick) and metal (up to 400 µm). So, there are great chances that advanced ultrasonics can work through thicker materials.

Latest Fingerprint Readers

Qualcomm isn’t the only provider of fingerprint sensors. Synaptics is another big name in the technology that powers Xiaomi fingerprint sensor in the Mi 8 Pro and Vivo handset.

Notably, the company is the brain behind the first computer touchpad and the touch tech for the click wheel on the iPod. Company’s tech is also used for many standard external fingerprint sensors on phones. (contd.How Does In-display Fingerprint Readers Work?)

Moreover, Huawei’s fingerprint reader features 10 level dynamic pressure sensing (dps) for improved accuracy. The Chinese handset maker noted that this can improve the unlock speed by up to 30 percent. (contd.How Does In-display Fingerprint Readers Work?)

It’s said that Mate 20 Pro comprises best fingerprint reader as it’s more accurate and responsive. The only downside is that it takes a while to set up the in-display fingerprint reader.

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