How COVID-19 Tracking Apps Are Helping To Human Kind?

Social Media Caption: The entire world is attempting to fend off the coronavirus and restart economies. One idea that’s knocking the bells in everybody’s mind is about using smartphone Tracking apps that will alert people if they come in proximity with someone who has the coronavirus. Here you will learn everything about.

How COVID-19 Tracking Apps Are Helping?

Currently, unidentified and aggregated phone tracking systems are helping the governments all over the world in the fight against the coronavirus. Experts predicted that the next technological intervention will include something that will aid in tracing the spread of the virus through digital means.

These applications will combine the Bluetooth’s Relative Signal Strength Indicator, a masked identifies, and a duration timer that will timeline those people who come into potential contact with the patients of COVID-19.

People all over the world are waging a hefty battle against the coronavirus and attempting to jumpstart the come-induced economies. In such a situation, one idea that’s appealing everybody is about developing a smartphone application that will alert people if they come in contact with a person who has coronavirus.

It’s probably the only effective solution that can help people during mass lockdowns. According to experts[1], the virus is spreading at a breakneck speed. Manual contact tracing systems can’t contain it. However, it’s also possible to control the spreading if the process picks up speed and becomes more efficient. It also has to take place on a massive scale.

The same experts mentioned above argue that a contact-tracking app that builds a memory of contacts that came into proximity of affected patients and notifies contacts of positive cases immediately can control the epidemic. Then again, such tracking apps will be useful only if a large number of people use it.

Countries, such as China, Singapore, and Russia already brought forth corona helping apps and both Europe and the USA are working to introduce their version of such apps. These nations are expecting to release their applications before the end of this month.

However, all these apps won’t work in the same way. Also, these apps will prove effective only if at least 60% of the world population uses them. That’s why app developers need to create something that’s acceptable to a vast majority of the population.

Until now, only two approaches came forward, and tech giants Google and Apple proposed a third. You will learn about them here.

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QR Codes

The first method doesn’t have anything to do with the corona map view. It incorporates tracking and tracing QR codes. These codes are machine-readable. Both Russia and China are using this system. People have to scan QR codes in public places. The resulting data goes to the central servers. The purpose of the system is to pinpoint a specific location at a particular time. Then, it’s possible to track the data back to someone who possibly has the virus.

Some of the best mobile app development specialists say that it’s a technologically savvy way to keep track of the movements of millions of individuals, at least theoretically. It also means that a lot of people have to scan or undergo scanning procedures. Naturally, the situation leads to time delays and inevitable moments of tension and anxiety.

QR code scanning isn’t the most effective solution. After all, if someone enters a building where a patient of COVID-19 recently entered, it doesn’t mean that the healthy person will come out infected. On the other hand, a healthy person was probably sitting next to the affected person for several hours. The QR code scanning app won’t be able to provide tangible results.

This app also sends a huge quantity of location data, where each remains attached to a particular individual and a central database without any certainty about how to use the information or the duration for which it will remain stored.


This approach, according to top mobile app development companies, is the simplest. It incorporates using the inbuilt GPS receiver of a smartphone. The app will get everyone’s location within a few meters. It’s a tried-and-tested form of technology used by many smartphone apps to provide people with directions and local listings. It’s quick and easy to use.

Then again, this approach isn’t devoid of problems. The most prominent one is about the data that requires assembling and analysis based on a central location. Only then it will be effective.

When and if someone reports that they contracted the virus, it’s possible to retrace the individual’s steps and see where they went. Then, one can warn everyone who was near the afflicted person that they should quarantine themselves to prevent the spreading of the virus.

Renowned iPhone app development and cross-platform app development experts say that this strategy is technologically effective, but the method of implementing the system is crucial.

The Chinese government informed everyone that they must download and run the app. The government also placed monitoring systems in most public places, such as public transport systems and shops to enforce the use of the app.

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The problem with this system is that it puts all decisions in the hands of a centralized system which isn’t always accurate. Thousands of people who used the app reported false positives. Some of them even entered the list of the highest contagion levels despite being healthy. They had to spend most of their time cooped up inside their home. Conversely, the green zones ended up being the most infected areas.


Google and Apple are planning to come up with a new method that involves using the Bluetooth of smartphones. The experts working with these two tech giants say that it’s the best solution regarding tracking and tracing the coronavirus.

Gradually, android app development companies will begin creating a corona android app that will probably be better than the ones mentioned above. Several European nations and the US are already looking into it.

Final words

As long as there aren’t any effective methods of tracking and tracing the footsteps of COVID-19, you need to Be safe from COVID – coronavirus by staying indoors. Even after two months since the outbreak, social distancing happens to be the only solution that works.

A vaccine for the virus will soon arrive. The only thing that people can hope for in the meantime is that Google and Apple can develop the idea of an app that works.

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