How Courier Service Tracking Helps Your E-Commerce Business?

Ecommerce order tracking helps you to monitor all your online orders and deliveries and at any point in time convey the order status to your customers.

Tracking e-commerce orders involves features such as shipment monitoring, estimated delivery times, and periodic order status updates. Such issues play a key role in the customer experience collectively, letting customers know what to expect for shipment and notifying them of any delays.

3 Reasons to Provide Order Tracking

Providing tracking of e-commerce orders is now considered a significant feature for every e-commerce company to offer.  Deliveries should be trackable in order to provide you and the client with insights into how long it would take to get the product to its target.

The customer should be provided with text message alerts to help track the shipment from the time of arrival to the time of delivery.

1.  Meets the Needs of Customers

97% of customers expect the ability to monitor their orders at all stages of the shipping process. Quite visibly, shoppers have now become used to the high visibility in their orders.

With such a competitive ecommerce market, online shopping essentially demands it. If your company does not want to lose business with Amazon and other major retailers, it is important to have an e-commerce order tracking process in place.

If you are unable to deliver the expected service level, shoppers will notify you, posing a risk to customer loyalty.

By offering order tracking that provides the customers with up-to-date information they expect, their requirements are met and they are more likely to give you a good rating, buy from you or share it with their friends.

In addition, having customer responses is far more satisfying than constantly hearing, “I don’t know where your package is,” and continuous excuses. It is possible for an order to be far from its ultimate destination with so much travel and transportation.

It may go to a post office or storage facility before it hits the customer after a shipment exits a warehouse or packaging facility. It will prevent confusion by keeping customers in the loop.

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2. Costs Reduction

As you have possibly learned firsthand, it is very costly in the long run to deal with customer complaints or inquiries. You may have to hire someone after a certain point, outsource customer service, or use a bot to respond to every single complaint. If you don’t, it will make suffer your customer reviews.

The fact of the matter is that there are significantly fewer inquiries with e-commerce order tracking Once introduced, your customer will be automatically provided with all the tracking information. And if there are any issues, you can definitely find what you need through all your orders.

Order tracking automates the system without requiring any additional work for you, making the customer support staff less burdensome without sacrificing quality. You have more resources to invest in other opportunities to improve the customer experience while saving time and money.

3. Get More Control Over Fulfilment

Don’t think your work is done if the package is packed and in the possession of the carriers. You have greater control over the order fulfillment process with order tracking and can help address any problems if they occur with ease. Important tracking information can be missed without a system, likely to result in a backlog of dissatisfied customers’ emails.

Customer acquisition is nice, but having loyal customers who keep buying more from you is the real money. The best ecommerce fulfillment plan, which involves order tracking will help minimize problems as well as improve the consumers ‘ lifetime value and generate more profits.

How Is It Beneficial for Customers?

Customer service:

A customer will feel more confident in handling user orders, if they use a courier service to fulfill their own customer enquiries. It’s because the status of your items can be reviewed as they pass through the parcel pipeline or process.


Tracking parcels brings more transparency and ensures proper performance of the service you are paying for.

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The package does not disappear into a vacuum. A customer can use their unique tracking number to track its exact location online. It lets you call and inform the agency if they need to drop the package with a neighbor.


If for a specified time, you require your package to be somewhere, parcel tracking data would help you to verify that it actually happened. You don’t have to presume or make inappropriate calls and inquiries anymore. Rather, use your exclusive barcode number to search online.


The name and signature of the person receiving your parcel will be collected by many couriers so you can view it online. It ensures that if the intended recipient claims that their product still hasn’t arrived, you have more information in hand.

Final Words

The success of an e-commerce business depends on speedy and timely product delivery. If customers have proper delivery, they trust an e-commerce website, and they may disregard any website that may not assure it.

You must choose a quick, safe efficient and trustworthy delivery system that will meet customer inquiries and assist them in tracking their orders. Whatever you choose, remember that their services ‘ ultimate effect will affect your business and actually represent on the quality of your entire business.

Since ecommerce order tracking has become a standard feature, if you do not have this essential service, your company will be affected. Knowing where the product is from when it is shipped until it reaches your customer is a crucial way to improve your service and impacts how your customers perceive you.

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