Hottest Digital Advertising Trends in 2017 (Infographic)

# Last Updated On: March 18, 2017 #

With the surge of advanced technologies in marketing areas of the business, more and more businesses are pushing the boundaries to make their advertising effort as digitally competent as possible.

As traditional channels, such as radio, newspaper, magazine, and print ads are rapidly losing their effectiveness these days, more and more companies are shifting to digital advertising to widen their market reach and measure the success of their efforts more effectively.

With the rise of digital advertising, a lot of companies are now able toplan their advertising efforts with better accuracy and efficiency compared when they were still using traditional models. Small businesses are extremely lucky because digital platforms have given them the chance to compete on the same playing field as that of the bigger brands.

With the newest trends in digital advertising fresh in the corner,businesses are on their toes once again to adopt the latest digital advertising tactics that can aid them to attract new customers and followings this 2017 and beyond

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In summary, here are the key takeaways from the infographic below that tells us the latest shifts in digital advertising this 2017:

  1. Increased usage of mobile ad blockers
  2. Increased monetization of Google AMP and Facebook Instant Articles
  3. Revenue on desktop advertising will continue to level down; Mobile advertising will experience massive growth
  4. Google and Facebook continues to be the most utilized platform in digital advertising
  5. Programmatic advertising will gain more popularity
  6. Outstream videos will gain more popularity
  7. Increased utilization of Chatbots

Learn more about these trends and see what to expect in digital advertising field this 2017 with this infographic from Digital Marketing Philippines.

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