History of Bitcoin- [Infographic]

history of bitcoinFrom its inception in 2007 to right now, the primordial cryptocurrency BitCoin has had one fascinating and volatile journey. With some staggering rises in value along with equally dizzying drops over the last decade – and with current market value soaring higher than ever before – it comes as no surprise that the “non-techy” world is finally standing up and taking notice of the revolutionary beast that is Bitcoin.

Although most experts would agree that Bitcion is still in its infancy with regards to how it will impact the world in very big ways; the history of this cryptocurrency has already been a staggering whirlwind of leaps, falls, breakthroughs and surprises. With Bitcoin coming from such humble beginnings, it really is quite the ride to learn of how it has evolved and grown in both value and impact since 2007.

Every day we are seeing more and more major news outlets and publications both on and offline follow the journey of this powerhouse crypto as it gains increasing mass adoption across multiple markets.

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Alongside this growing worldwide exposure of its narrative, Bitcoin is being incorporated as a payment option for customers across more and more online platforms. Even some ecommerce giants also started accepting bitcoin as payment option.

Learning about Bitcoin can be a tricky thing to do if you don’t know where to start. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of “e-courses” and “e-books”, along with unlimited articles on the web created to help you understand what Bitcoin actually is (and does).

However, if you are like 99% of the world and have little-to-no knowledge of what Bitcoin is or how it has evolved over the years, this easy to digest infographic from Fried.com is a great starting point and will walk you through the most significant moments in the cryptocurrency’s history:

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