High Bounce Rate Doesn’t Impact Website Rankings: Google


You needn’t to worry about growing bounce rate on your website, as it doesn’t necessarily affect your website rankings. The revelation came from a discussion forum where webmasters asked whether a really high bounce rate result in Google dropping your rankings.

The discussion brought the answer of the most sought question, and the answer is- no. The forum referred certain inputs to get the answer. Experts said that the Google doesn’t have data on site bounce rates and according to Google: bounce rate metrics are spammable.


Google also said a week ago or so that high bounce rates may be the expected user behavior on a specific site. As per Google, high bounce rate is quite a normal thing for the news websites. Readers land on the page, read the story and leave. Then they need to the next story and continue doing so until they finish reading. This is how readers read news stories on news sites.

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So, the discussion concludes that high bounce rate on a website is an expected behavior and doesn’t have a negative impact on your rankings in Google.

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