Google Webspam Report 2016: 9 Million Spammers Notified

Key Findings of Google Webspam Report 2016

Google has presented their Google Webspam report 2016 with some key data to share. The report reads that the Google sent out over 9 million messages to website owners to notify them about spam related issues on their websites. The number is almost double to the number of messages Google sent in 2015. That year it was 4.3 million.

Google Webspam Report for 2016

The report further points out stats on user-submitted spam in 2016. According to Google, they received over 180,000 user-submitted spam reports in 2016, almost half of 400,000 spam reports that they received in 2015. It clearly indicates the decline in users submitting spam reports to Google year over year.

In 2016, Google considered 52% of those reported sites to be spam, whereas in 2015, they took action on 65% of them. In the Google Webspam Report 2016, Google reveled that they have taken manual actions on more than 10,000 sites that did not meet the quality guidelines. Google says that they have noticed a 32% increase in hacked sites compared to 2015.

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