Google Announces Google Voice Wi-Fi Calling in Beta

Google, the search engine giant is inviting beta testers to test its Google voice Wi-Fi calling feature. Tester can sign up to join the beta testing program.

The feature lets users call using Google voice application using mobile and Wi Fi.  Users are already allowed Wi-Fi calling from the Google Chrome web browser.

Doing Google Voice calls over data may soak your data pack as it uses about 0.2MB of data per minute. Instead, you can choose to go with Wi-Fi calling as it could reduce roaming charges when you’re on the go. The feature is worth using when you’re in a poor cell service zone.

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Google Voice provides a free phone number for calls, messages and voice mails. The number works on smartphones and computers, and syncs across your devices.

Following is the link that you can go through to know more about the registration process for the new GVoice wireless calling feature.

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