Google Updated Its Job Search Tool with Salary and Other Features

Google’s job search tool has been used by millions to find a job they love. Now, the company is adding more teeth to it in form of multiple features.

Google Job Search Tool Updated with  New Features

In its official blog post, Google noted these features in detail. Among the new features introduced to the Google Job Search Tool, salary information for job postings, improved location settings and job application choices are major one. Nonetheless, soon users will also be able to save individual jobs for further mining.

Google Job Search Tool Updated

On an obvious note, Google focused at adding salary in the latest update. Citing salary and perks the most essential information that jobseekers scan while job search, Google has added estimated salary ranges right alongside many jobs, based on the specific job title, location and employer.

The clues about the salary range have been drawn from multiple sources including Glassdoor, PayScale, LinkedIn and more. The tool would also allow Job seekers to compare salaries for those jobs that do have a salary listed.

Another noteworthy addition seems coming in the Google Job Search Tool update is location based job searching for the aspirants. Just click the “Location” filter, job seekers will now see a range of distances, from two miles up to 200 miles or “anywhere”. Once the distance is selected, the tool displays postings only from the area you have chosen.

Furthermore, the update has also made it easy to submit the application process once the applicants shortlist the jobs they are interested in.

Google Updated Its Job Search Tool with a Salary Field

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