Google Trends Rolls Out Email Notifications For Search Topics And Hot Searches

Google added email notification to its Google trends service today. The service will help users to subscribe to any search topic. The topic may include Hot Searches for any country, or any US monthly Top Chart. Users can now get updates delivered to their Inbox directly. While using Google trends users will see a new ‘subscribe’ button that they can use to get the trends subscribed to their mail box.



Every email carrying the notification has an ‘unsubscribe’ link. Users can use it to unsubscribe the feeds. They can also manage the preferences directly in the subscription section.  The feature is designed to give users updates on the trends they are interested in. Using the feature, users can be alerted to when a new chart appears or updated for any country.

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Google believes that subscription emails will help businesses researching their brand, students researching their favorite study topic, fans who want to know about sports team or anyone else looking to track a given topic.

Story: Google Trends Rolls Out Email Notifications For Search Topics

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