Google To Introduce Universal Analytics : The Next-Generation Analytics Platform

# Last Updated On: April 3, 2020 #

Google has finally announced the public release of its Universal Analytics. This is a Google analytics revamp that will change the face of Google analytics that is being used currently for a multi device world. The Universal Analytics was first introduced in October 2012 and released as a public beta in March next year that is 2013.

Google To Introduce Universal Analytics

Universal Analytics now offers feature parity with Google Analytics (Classic version). User ID functionality, a premiere feature of UA is also being rolled out. User ID functionality is used to track users anonymously across different devices and sessions.

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The UA platform comprises three new types of tracking codes namely JavaScript, SDK and Measurement Protocol along with additional configuration options and custom dimensions and metrics. An official from Google said that new product changes will only be available to the Universal Analytics users and not to the users of Classic Google Analytics.

Story: Google To Introduce Universal Analytics

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