Google to Act Against Event Markup Spam; Guidelines Updated

If you’re one who has been abusing event markup in the search results, you could be under scanner. Google, the search giant has finally stood up to hit those spammers hard.

Event Markup Spam Manual Action

If you’re caught having involved in event markup spam, your markup removed from the search results and you will receive a manual action.

Few months back, search results were bombarded with Event spam. Users found tricked the markup. Rather to promote events – such as a venue promoting concerts or hockey games – they were using it to promote sales over certain dates or coupon codes.

See the following screenshot where provider is hard selling coupon codes instead of event promotion.

event markup spam

Event Markup Guidelines Updated:

  • Avoid promoting non-event products or services such as “Trip package: San Diego/LA, 7 nights” as events.
  • Avoid adding short-term discounts or purchase opportunities, such as: “Concert — buy your tickets now,” or “Concert – 50% off until Saturday.”
  • Don’t mark business hours as events, such as: “Adventure park open 8 AM to 5PM.”
  • Don’t mark coupons or vouchers as events, such as: “5% off your first order.”
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If you’re in any means manipulating Google event markup to make easy bucks, stop doing this right here to prevent manual action. Due to manual action, all your search features from markup could be removed.  If action is initiated, it can take up to several weeks to get a response to a reconsideration request.

Team BR