Google Santa Tracker Website, Chrome Extension And Android App Launched. Welcome X-Mas

As X-mas is approaching near, Google sending signals: We are here. To welcome Christmas euphoria, Google on December 1 launched an interactive website Santa Tracker.  The launch  witnessed other offerings too including Android App and Chrome Extension. The website will work as a countdown until Christmas Eve (December 24).

Using website, you will virtually move to Santa village where you can play games such as skydiving, reindeer racing alongside some interactive animations also. The website will also give you knowledge on different holiday traditions and Javascript courses too.

Along with this, Google introduces a dedicated Santa tracker Android app and chrome browser extensions for users. The app will show a countdown timer until Christmas eve. It will show Santa’s scheduled travelling path worldwide and his current location. The app features numerous games and an Android Wear integration.

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Sandy Russell, Santa Launch Strategist in Google’s blog said:

“Starting today, the elves are back on the clock in the North Pole-and throughout the month of December, you can join the elves as they unlock a new project or game each day in preparation for Santa’s annual journey around the world.”

Story: Google Santa Tracker Website

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