Google Rolls Out a QA Section for Business Listings

Google is rolling out a new feature that will allow users to post questions and answer questions on business listings. Now, with every business listing, users will have an access to a new section where they:

  • Can post questions
  • Can answer questions posted by other users
  • Read and “upvote” questions and answers that have already been shared

Google Maps QA Section for Business Listings

Google Rolls Out a QA Section

Questions and answers with “upvotes” can be seen at the top of the business’ question and answer section. The feature seems to be the Google’s answer to QA legend Quora.

Google sends notification to the business owner whenever a user asks a question. Other users are also notified about the question to see if they can answer it.  A similar notification is sent to the users when their question receives a response.

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Not only the feature allows consumers to ask and answer questions, it also enables business owners can to share frequently asked questions and answers on their own business listings.

The question and answer feature is currently live  for Google Maps users on Android, as well as mobile search users worldwide.

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