Google Rolling Out Curved Mobile Search Results Interface

# Last Updated On: April 2, 2020 #

Google is one among those creative tech giants who love to be an experiment freak. As reports are emerging, the search engine giant juggernaut is quietly rolling out the new curved mobile search result interface. It has been a notable feature that company tested for several months.

Google Curved Mobile Search Results Interface

Curved Mobile Search Results Interface

Many users have spotted the new Google Curved Mobile Search Results Interface and have reported seeing the new design. The new feature, as it’s being reported, started rolling out this morning. Now more users are seeing it live.

This latest change in mobile search result interface would be the first major redesign to the Google search results since 2013 when Google introduced unified card design released. A Google official spokesperson confirmed the bews, and said:

“We’re constantly working to improve your Search experience. That means not only introducing new features for exploration and discovery, but also enhancing the look, feel and design of search results. Now we’re rolling out an update to mobile that includes a wider bar to enter your search queries and a simple, white background which helps elevate and declutter the content from the web as you browse.”

More on this is still awaited.

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Google Curved Mobile Search Results Interface

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