Google Removes 350 Million Ads And Rejects 3 Million Publishers


In order to putting a lid on the fraudulent advertising practices across the Google AdWords, Google launched a manhunt to catch the culprits who are not following the standards and abusing the platform in any manner.

In a report released on January 17, 2014, Google revealed the buzz. In his statement, Head of Ads Engineering (Google) Mike Hochberg told:

“We’ve allocated substantial technical, financial, and human resources to stopping bad advertising practices and protecting users on the web.  Hundreds of our engineers, policy experts and others have dedicated their careers to this work.”

Following is the tentative list of the ads removed during the drive:

  • 350 million bad ads in 2013 (Removed)
  • 270,000 advertisers in 2013 (Disabled)
  • More than 200,000 total publisher pages (Blacklisted)
  • 3,000,000 attempts to join AdSense (Disapproved)
  • 250,000 publisher accounts (Disabled)

Who Were The Biggest Offenders As Google Removes 350 Million Ads:

Google releases the list of the offenders who succumbed who were flushed:

  • 14,000 advertisers banned for trying to sell counterfeit goods.
  • 2 million ads removed involved in the trade as Illegal online pharmacies.
  • 5,000 AdSense accounts disabled for not adhering copyright infringement
  • 4,000 AdWords accounts removed that were involved in Tech support scams
  • 400,000 ads disabled from sites as termed Malware
  • 10,000 ads disabled for sites promoting farce claims.

Google assures that the witch-hunt to trap the bad guys will relentlessly be pursued without compromising the quality and healthy advertising eco-system Google is known for.

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