Google releases Mobile Scorecard & Impact Calculator Tools

Google seems unstoppable when it comes to offer marketers site owners an improved mobile site experience.  At MWC in Barcelona, Google introduced two such mobile benchmarking resources, a new Mobile Scorecard and a conversion Impact Calculator that will help marketers enhance user’s mobile site experience.

Google Mobile Scorecard & Impact Calculator Tools


Both the tools are meant to offers easy way out and clear visuals to help them get buy-in from stakeholders for investments in mobile site speed.

Mobile Scorecard is a tool that taps Chrome User Experience Report data to compare the speed of multiple sites on mobile. This is similar to the database of latency data from Chrome users that Google used in its PageSpeed Insights Tool in January. Mobile Scorecard can report on thousands of sites from 12 countries, claims Google.

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Furthermore, the other tool that’s called Impact Calculator is designed to show how much conversion opportunities a site is missing just because its slow loading speed.

The calculator precisely represents a data showing how a change in page load can drive revenue up or down. To know the stats, marketers are required to put in their average monthly visitors, average order value and conversion rate.

Click here to know more about The Mobile Scorecard and the Impact Calculator.

Google Mobile Scorecard & Impact Calculator Tools

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