Google Tests Reading Time Filter in Search Results

Google appears to be testing a new filter ‘Reading Time’ in search results. As name gives us a clue, the feature will filter search results by the approximate time it takes to read the article.

Google Reading Time Filter

Google Tests Reading Time Filter

You can access the tool through the tools filter. It’s available there in a drop-down format with four options to choose from. The default option the Google reading time filter comes with is ‘any duration’ which is followed by three more including:

  • Short (0-4 min)
  • Medium (4-20 min)
  • Long (20+ min)

The Google reading time filter test is being done primarily with informational queries where they more likely bring in-depth articles as search results based on content length and estimated reading time.

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Long before, Google offered users a ‘reading level’ filter that help them filter the search results by reading level. However, the search engine giant removed filter after few years.

Stay tuned to get more on this.

Google Tests Reading Time Filter in SERPs

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