Google Plus Profile View Update : See Total Number Of Profile, Post And Photo Views On Pages

(Last Updated On: July 7, 2016)

Google has finally pushed a Google+ update to mitigate its falling reputation. Google+ now includes a feature that will show total content views for profiles and pages.  This feature will be visible on any page underneath the user’s profile photo, just next to where their follower count is displayed. The figure includes the total number of views for their post, profile page and photos. This is certainly the move to enhance the user engagement in Google+.

The total number of views depends upon various things. These factors include the number of followers you have, how often you publish the feed and the popularity of your posts. This new feature will however be a vital measurement metric to determine the success or failure of the social network. On the contrary, users will have an option to hide the figure under the Google+ setting section. All they need to check the checkbox labeled “show how many times your profile and content have been viewed.”

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Story: Google Plus Profile View Update

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