Google Play Store Version 8.4 Could Bring Audiobooks

Rumor mills have been buzzed with multiple versions of how the latest Google Play Store version 8.4 will look like. If rumors are to be believed, Google Play store version 8.4 will be coming with some noteworthy features including audiobooks, improved notifications and auto-updating system apps.

Teardown of Google Play Store Version 8.4

Google Play Store Version 8.4 

The newest feature to hit the latest version of Google Play Store this time is audiobooks. Along with tons of apps, movies, music tracks, and e-books, this new addition would be Google’s attempt to make Play Store a one-stop shop for all the kinds of media content you would love to access at Play Store.

The Google Play Store version 8.4 will have improved notification. Now, users will get timely information for new critical updates, hotfixes, and change logs for the apps they have installed.

Another rumored feature that Google Play Store version 8.4 may come with is auto-updating of system apps. However, we are not sure if users will let system apps burn their mobile data in auto-update mode. It’s unlikely that users will easily allow system’s apps start downloading updates without their consent.

Stay tuned to get more updates on this.

Google Play Store Version 8.4

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